Floral Magician Mary Bell: Episodes 01–10

Floral Magician Mary Bell 01
— Hi! I'm Mary Bell

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First Aired on
Monday, February 3, 1992, 18:00–18:30 JST (09:00–09:30 UTC)
Fansub released by honobono on
February 13, 2009 (23:18) UTC
Mary Bell (DVD) - 01v2 [h-b] (090211C3).avi
XviD 1.1.3
LAME 3.98; lame --preset cbr 128 -t
128 kbps
188,743,680 Bytes (180.000 MiB)
MD5 = d7d542c720f52bede4a0720ea9d54b17
SHA-1 = c01407b1205adb003cc10ea4bf28ee69f94fef43
RIPEMD-160 = 80fbfe018b87e8d99d5d563ff78a935536ca1748
SHA-256 = 4702ae946c5e7eba44674ec32933e7ab5c08f8bd9e4b7570cfe193e6fa828fa4
CRC = 090211c3
Ep. Title
Hi! I'm Mary Bell
Original Ep. Title
こんにちは! (わたし)マリーベル
Original Ep. Title in Romaji (Unicode)
Konnichiwa! Watashi Marī Beru
Original Ep. Title in Romaji (ASCII)
Konnichiwa! Watashi Marii Beru
Endō Tetsuya (遠藤徹哉) ANN, Wikipedia
Endō Tetsuya (遠藤徹哉)
Episode Director
Endō Tetsuya (遠藤徹哉)
Animation Director (Sakuga Kantoku)
Hirota Masashi (広田正志) [He is now known as: Hirota Tadashi (志田ただし)] ANN

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Version History
Translated        2008-08-05
Edited            2008-10-21
Timed             2009-01-08
Typeset RC1       2009-01-10
Encoded RC1       2009-01-11
Typeset RC2       2009-02-02
Encoded RC2       2009-02-02
Typeset RC3       2009-02-11
Encoded RC3       2009-02-11
a3r :;

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